MARQUESAS, Images from the Land of Men, is Erwin Christian’s photographic odyssey through The Marquesas, a group of out-of-the-way islands situated in the center of the Pacific Ocean and known to the Polynesians as Te Henua Enana, The Land of Men.
In the wake of Alvaro de Mendana, Captain James Cook, Herman Melville, Thor Heyerdahl and many others, Christian’s camera faithfully captured the remarkable, peerless beauty of a mysterious insular world and its people, where Paul Gauguin lived and painted the last two years of his life.
MARQUESAS, Images from the Land of Men, is a unique book of 95 colour photographs expressing Erwin Christian’s active visual exploration of this isolated cluster of South Seas Islands, in their savage grandeur and distinctiveness.

MARQUESAS, Images from the Land of Men - 9 1⁄2 x 9 1⁄2’’ (24 x 24 cm),
hard cover, linen, 112 pages, 95 colour photographs.Text and photography by Erwin Christian.
ISBN: 2-904592-08-3 - $29.75 USD